UNIT NO. : #04-22A/23

From the people behind FATCAT Ice Cream Bar in Bedok, the pioneers of the charcoal waffle and salted egg yolk craze, FATCAT brings you their latest concept: STRAY! Stray is a brand serving progressive Chinese cuisine. Progressive in the sense that they want to always be coming up with new takes on Chinese classics. Think ABC (Apple, Beetroot, & Carrot) redone or even Salmon Yu Sheng as a rice bowl. Using the same magic that gave FATCAT its spark, the restaurant combines avant-garde cooking technique with traditional Chinese flavors, to push the boundaries and redefine Chinese cuisine in both hot food as well as desserts. By straying away from the traditional Chinese food scene in Singapore, they aim to make Chinese food hip and trendy by putting our own spin on it. It's not just modern Chinese, it's progressive.

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