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Xpress Tee | #03-104
Xpress Tee is a local company in the heat applied graphics industry, specialising in screen-printed and printed heat transfers, sublimation heat transfers and decorative appliqué and embroidery.

Heat transfers are a proven just-in-time method of decorating a textile item such as a t-shirt. While the traditional paradigm of direct screen printing is still the most common method for printing textiles, the retail and promotional industries are requiring shorter lead time and faster turnaround time. More and more companies in Singapore are turning to heat transfers, as a solution for their imprinted needs.

Xpress Tee seeks to expand its role as a local retailer in pre-printers, manufacturers and major retailers. Xpress Tee provides the opportunity for a local business to add Singapore-made graphics to a locally made graphic and go to market with an advantage over a 100% locally made and printed garment.

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Opening Hours 11am to 10pm
  Tel 6397 6364