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Adam Khoo Learning Centre is the leading education brand in the region with over 5000 students attending the English, Maths, Science and Chinese Mastery™ classes in Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Adam Khoo Learning Centre is established with the genuine belief that all children can achieve great things. Our founding principles included equipping children with the right tools in developing empowering beliefs and effective learning skills. These have paved ways to endless possibilities for many children as they are given the chance to unleash their full potential. Today, thousands of parents from around Singapore who aspire to help their children develop the love for learning and reach their highest potential in English, Maths, Science and Chinese, send their children to our centres.

Adam Khoo Learning Centre’s enrichment programs are specially designed to help students develop the motivation, confidence and effective learning skills to achieve top grades in English, Maths, Science and Chinese. We understand the motivating factors those re-stimulate students’ minds and thus help them relearn learning by breaking old patterns. Currently, 1 out of 2 of our students scores distinctions or high distinctions for their exams. Learning takes on a whole different experience when perceptions are redefined here at Adam Khoo Learning Centre!

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