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Tendon specialist Tendon Kohaku and Unagi specialist Man Man Unagi has opened a brand-new collaborative dining concept at Clarke Quay Central! Since their respective openings, both of these F&B concepts have been drawing long queues every day, winning over the hearts of local gourmands with their authentic Japanese specialities. Now, fans of the two brands can tuck into tendons and Unagi offerings under one roof at the new 80-seater restaurant. The new collaborative dining concept by Tendon Kohaku and Man Man Unagi is where gourmands can enjoy the best of both worlds: authentic Japanese tendons and Unagi offerings. Exclusive dishes such as Kaisen Tendon by Kohaku and Teppei, Kaisen x Hitsumabushi by Teppei and Man Man, Jumbo Unagi Tendon and Crispy Unagi Dragon Roll are available here.