“4 Insta-Hacks that’ll Spruce Up Your IG Feed Instantly”


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Gone are the days where you need a professional camera to capture a stunning image. Today, the only tools we need can be found in our hands or around us: our phone and a few tricks up our sleeves. After all, years of Instagram have taught us that photos can be produced anytime and anywhere! Well, now that Phase 2 is here, and your calendar is filling up with appointments for work, errands or social meet-ups – why not use this as an opportunity to head out and snap new photos and spruce up your feed?


To make you a better photographer after the circuit breaker, we’ve collected some ideas to help make your photos double-tap worthy. From finding unique backgrounds to customising filters, these tips and tricks will help improve your pictures. Forget Asian squats or standing atop dining chairs! If you’re planning a visit to HillV2 soon, you’re in luck. Continue scrolling to see where and how you can try these hacks today.



1) Look out for unique backgrounds

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Singapore may be small, but it’s filled with picturesque spots in every corner. Our city might be lacking in high mountains or deep valleys, but it sure makes up for it with a mix of modern architecture and heritage buildings that have the potential to make photos stand out.


Here at HillV2, we recommend getting your shot at the mall’s very own boardwalk. With lush and refreshing nature all around you, it’ll almost feel like time has taken a standstill and transported you to a park. Take a deep breath in. And let it out a few moments later. You’re now ready for a day of bliss and zen.



2) Take advantage of natural light

[ Source Credit: Cedele ]


Twelve hours of daylight in Singapore means plenty of opportunities to snap photos in the day, which can light up your feed when it comes to portraits, and even more so when it comes to the perennial favourite: pictures of food. For a soft, natural photo, time your meal or drink wisely. Heading there in the evenings? Position your camera for a backlit photo, and you’ll have bright, golden flares as natural filters. Be careful to avoid flash! Or glare spots will appear on reflective surfaces like glasses and plates.


When at HillV2, give cafés, restaurants or shops that offer you window or aisle seats a visit, so you’re able to take full advantage of the natural light around. Establishments like Cedele (#02-12) is one such example, with ample seating beside glass windows and daylight – delicious-looking pictures will always be within reach. But what if you’re not seated near a window? Fret not. Get a friend to use their phone’s flash and help light up your subject from the side – this way, whatever you’re shooting won’t look overtly stark or flat!



3) Bring your photos to life with props

[ Source Credit: Flowers Always ]


Adding a good prop can give context or accentuate the mood of a photo. But that doesn't mean you need to lug around a bag full of accessories with you. Look around, and you'll see that the city is full of hidden surprises – from food and drinks around you to a book that you're reading, even flowers! Simply look for props with a contrasting element and it’ll give your photo that extra dash of energy and colour.


What about when you’re at HillV2? We suggest checking out the delightful bouquets from Flowers Always (#02-10). Whether you leave with a stalk or many more, just the colours and unique silhouette of these fresh, blooming flowers will be enough to create visually arresting photos.



4) Experiment with edits and filters

[Source Credit: HillV2 ]


Getting the right shot is 50% of the battle. To take your photos to another level, you’ll have to edit them and bring across the style or lighting that you’re going for. For instance, if you prefer the warm tones of summer, pump up the saturation and contrast in your photos and layer on additional highlights in warmer hues like red, orange or yellow. But if the vibe of your feed is cooler, airy and light, you might want to explore lowering the saturation, brightening your photos and adding on cooler hues like blue.


These may sound complicated at first but get the right photo-editing app and you'll be set for a long time! Popular favourites include Snapseed, Afterlight, Lightroom and VSCO. The best part of these apps? It’s got to be how easily and quickly you can apply your favourite filter to any image – thanks to predefined edits! Simply customise a setting you like and save it. For future edits, just tap on your filter and off you go!



The beautiful thing about photography is that there are many ways to approach photo taking. If you stumble on a method, angle or filter that works – keep going! What matters most is that you have fun along the way, because it’s only when you do, that it'll come through in your pictures.


For those of you planning a trip to HillV2, be sure to share your photos with us on Instagram by tagging @hillv2sg and @shopfareast! We'll be the first to double-tap.

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