“Kick Back & Relax with These Weekend Ideas!”


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Hurray! The weekend is approaching. Two precious days to relax on your own or together with loved ones that, if spent well, can feel short-lived. Yet, as much as we’d like to think of ourselves on a two-day vacation, the truth can sometimes be far from that. With so many things to be done in so little time, it can seem challenging to set time aside. Which might be why experiences like staycations or short trips abroad have grown in popularity, as it forces one to leave their daily routine and worries behind.


‘Fun experiences’ are often tied to concerts, parties and events. But living a good life does not always need to mean expensive living. While there are perks to the occasional splurge, there’s plenty of fun to be enjoyed for a lower cost as well. Anything that comes to mind? If not, read on for some ideas on how you can jazz up your weekend – starting right here at HillV2.



1) Get a dose of nature

[ Source Credit: HillV2 ]


Did you know? Bill Gates spends two weeks alone in the forest each year in what he’s termed as his “Think Week”. That’s because it’s been scientifically proven that time spent outdoors can reduce your stress levels, help you find clarity and refresh your mind and body. While we don’t have the luxury of retreating into a forest – a dose of nature at HillV2 every weekend comes just as close. Head up to level two for a relaxing village-like ambience, as a boardwalk and shops on each side welcome you. With green plants and seats placed along the path, take this chance to catch up with a friend, read your favourite book or enjoy a cup of coffee in nature.



2) Stroll and breathe fresh air

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If sitting in nature isn’t your cup of tea, go for a short walk. It’ll boost your endorphins (feel-good hormones) to improve your mood, lower stress, and make you feel more energetic and positive as a whole. Here at HillV2, the plaza on level one and fountain feature on level two are both suitable spots for you to take a stroll while friends or family go shopping. Or better yet, invite them to join you on a casual walk together! Who knows what interesting things you might pick up along the way if you took the time to meander?



3) Try something new and delicious

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Humans are creatures of habit. But variety is the spice of life! Introducing different types of foods to your system can not only give you a better-balanced diet, but keep your mind open to other exotic cuisines and dishes in the future. Plus, we live in a melting pot with access to all types of food! So if you’re used to having a specific type of meal over the weekend, try switching things up. Here at HillV2, a plethora of options await every taste bud. Craving for Italian? Visit iO Italian Osteria (#02-01). Looking for Cantonese? Check out Joyden Canton Kitchen (#02-21). Feeling Korean? There’s Shinmabok (#01-08). Interested in Indian? Go for Tandoori Culture (#02-03). The choice is yours.



4) Appreciate art around you

 [ Source Credit: Flowers Always ]


Art is one of the biggest forms of relaxation. Whether it’s painting, photography, music, or even floral arrangements – art of any kind has been proven to impact one’s well-being and lower anxiety or depression. Just think about every time someone receives flowers. Whether it’s a stalk or a whole bouquet, it’ll always put a smile on their faces! The next time you visit HillV2, why not stop by Flowers Always (#02-10) to enjoy their colourful, fragrant flowers and perhaps, bring a delightful bunch home with you?



5) Treat yourself with kindness

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Self-care never hurts, so why not treat yourself to a relaxing facial? It is the weekend! Besides, facials are helpful in alleviating stress and revitalising tired or dull skin. If you’ve been working hard all week, let Beaute Hub (#02-14) take care of you. From micro derma-peel for a youthful brilliance to deep cleansing and purifying of pores, pimples and scars – a wide range of treatments for both ladies and gentlemen await. Don’t forget to make an appointment to secure your spot!



Everyone’s interests may be different. But we hope that these ideas can get you started on thinking of more fun, affordable and rewarding ways to celebrate weekends! After all, a weekend well spent brings a week of content, so plan yours well.

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