“4 Exciting Types of Enrichment Activities for Kids to Explore”


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Parents around the world will agree on this. We only want the best for our kids! A happy childhood, good education, and all the fun they can have along the way. Whether they become future Picassos, Serena Williams, Gordon Ramsays or Sheryl Sandbergs is beside the point. As a parent in Singapore, however, you may be feeling the pressure to enrol your child in classes specific to academia for better school grades. While that’s important, it’s worth taking note too, that learning stretches beyond classrooms – and is best developed when kids are engaged in interactive, fun and meaningful experiences!


Where to begin searching for enrichment classes as such? Look no further than Hougang 1. From music to language and more, we’ve put together a list to help your children hone new skills and discover their hidden talents in safe, friendly and inspiring learning environments. The best part? Parents can continue shopping, dining and relaxing after dropping the kids off – which makes Hougang 1 a win-win for everyone in the family.


1) Unlock the keys to music


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We all enjoy music in one form or another. Some listen to it; some sing it out loud; while others are keen on playing instruments. It is an important way of self-expression, for music has the power to develop a child’s cognitive skills, enhance their sense of rhythm and be a great mood-booster! After all, there are over 40 genres of music and more than 1,000 instruments in the world – imagine the tunes one can come up with!


At Hougang 1, Codetta (#01-44) seeks to ensure that music enthusiasts receive quality music education at affordable prices. With lessons in piano, violin and more, along with the sales of custom-made instruments by world-class master instrument makers – nice notes are all around.


2) Push your limits, stretch your mind


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Every student has the potential to go beyond their limits and reach new levels that generally aren’t attainable. At Mind Stretcher (#01-42), the school believes in stretching every young mind to its fullest through weekly core programmes and various subject-related workshops. For them, effective and positive learning is key – which is why you’ll find many of their past students making their mark by graduating with flying colours.


The school even has programmes for lower primary students and pre-schoolers under their Junior Campus sections. These are lessons that have been made easy for even the youngest of learners to achieve literacy confidence and skills through fun and interactive classes for English, Science, Mathematics and more.


3) Read and write with confidence


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A child’s reading skills are important to their success in school, work, and life in general. To help your child develop and boost their literacy skills, it’s important to seek out programmes that include interactive elements. This way, your child can remain engaged in the process of cognitive development – which is the ability to think, understand, process information, reason and memorise!


Here at Wang Learning Centre (#01-43), Chinese enrichment classes are their speciality. The school aims to build confidence in speaking, writing and understanding Chinese – as well as cultivate a keen sense of interest in the subject through lively and fun learning atmospheres. Beginning from as young as pre-school to secondary school, there’s bound to be something for your child no matter which stage they’re at with the language – from comprehension to essay writing and more.


4) Sprout your entrepreneurial spirit

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There are all types of enrichment classes to train your child for the many professions in this world. Classes that nurture future artists, programmes that train future athletes and many more! But not every child wants to be a teacher, writer, lawyer or engineer. Some want to create things and start businesses, and that’s okay too. Did you know that items like earmuffs, popsicles and trampolines were all invented by children? Kids can have pretty amazing ideas!


To encourage your child’s entrepreneurial spirit, we recommend going beyond the traditional classroom. If they have an idea that they’d like to explore, bring to life and sell – why not rent a box in Cube Sprout (#01-34) and let them have a go at their own business? Anything from selling old toys or handmade crafts can work!


This may not be a traditional definition of an enrichment class – but it’s a process that can help your child to set effective goals. How many items can they create in each month to sell? It’s also a lesson in financial literacy. Do they have enough savings set aside for materials, printing, packaging? And of course, experiences as such can start fostering resilience and teach them to bounce back from mistakes and hurdles. Why aren’t their items selling? How can they start again and make things better?


The skills and experiences learnt from enrichment activities can help kids embrace their inner performer, artist, entrepreneur and more. But more importantly, it’ll teach them to be expressive and confident of themselves daily in their unique way. Beyond the programmes, you can even get your child to show you whatever they’ve learnt as a way to bond together as a family.


Tell us, what are some enrichment activities or experiences from Hougang 1 you have in mind? Don’t forget to share snippets of your child’s journey with us on Instagram at @shopfareast today!

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