“5 Quick & Tasty Lunch Spots Near You”


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What’s for lunch?” is probably the most commonly asked question in life. Which is an irony, considering how Singapore is known for its diverse and colourful food scene. Still, it can be a struggle to think of lunch options day in and out. Especially when you only have an hour, when everywhere is packed with massive crowds, and when the paradox of choice falls upon you. Yes, too many options can be challenging too!


In such cases, it might seem easier to whip up a meal on your own at home. When that happens, remind yourself that lunch is the second most important meal after breakfast! Not only will it keep your metabolism active and give you energy for the rest of your afternoon, but it’s also a good time for you to rest your eyes, stretch your legs, socialise and take your mind off the thing we have to do. So get on your feet – it’s time to eat!


Whether it's a hearty sandwich, comforting noodles or a fresh bowl of salad you seek, we've compiled recommendations at Junction 10 for every day of the week so you and your family and friends can fuss less and focus more on enjoying lunch to its fullest. After all, good food is all round us, even at Junction 10. Ready for our top picks? Let's start.



Monday: Pizzaboy (#01-03)

[ Source Credit: Pizzaboy ]


Beat the case of Monday blues with Pizzaboy, a local halal-certified pizza brand that offers quality pizzas at affordable prices. Bestsellers include Mighty Meaty, Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Chicken, Hawaiian Wonder, Amazing Pepperoni and their signature Cheesy Macaroni. In case you’re craving for something new, fret not. Check back for new items or unique flavours now and then, like Pizzaboy’s Mini Muffins and Donuts!


While there isn’t much space to seat and dine in, the convenient thing about pizzas is how quick and easy it is to grab, go, and enjoy it the comforts of your home – which can come in handy when Mondays start to get busy. If you want a pizza-this, head on down to Junction 10 now!



Tuesday: West Co'z Café (#01-34)

[ Source Credit: West Co’z Café ]


West Co’z Café is a family-friendly and halal-certified local zichar restaurant that specialises in many mouth-watering signature dishes, such as Curry Fish Head and Assam Curry Fish Head. For a small family chain, it certainly has an extensive menu. From Mee Goreng to Thai Fried Rice, homemade Pandan Leaf Chicken to Nyonya Lady’s Finger and more – there’s something for every palate.


The outlet at Junction 10 has a cosy yet spacious setting, which makes it great for casual lunches and large groups. To keep things fresh, the homely restaurant releases interesting platters, set meals and seasonal dishes from time to time as well, so keep your eyes peeled for them when you head down.



Wednesday: Springleaf Prata Place (#01-25)

[ Source Credit: Springleaf Prata Place ]


Springleaf Prata Place has always been popular amongst locals. But a few years ago, it made the headlines for their Plaster Blaster (pictured above) – which, essentially, is an Eggs Benedict on top of ham and prata, covered in creamy Hollandaise Sauce. It might have raised a few eyebrows then, but it is indeed, one unique creation.


Well, whether you’re looking for traditional prata or new and innovative flavours, one thing’s for sure: you’ll find a couple to your liking – for Springleaf Prata Place has over 40 options based on solely prata, and that’s just one aspect of their menu! Famous for their thosais, biyranis and murtabaks as well, looks like it may take you a couple of Wednesdays to go through everything. Lunch might come with a food coma – but it’ll be worth your while.



Thursday: Penyet Town (#01-31)

[ Source Credit: Penyet Town ]


As you ease into Thursday and prepare for the coming weekend, why not give your taste buds a head start with some smashingly good food at Penyet Town?


While they're known for dishes such as Ayam Bakar (charcoal-grilled chicken), Ayam Penyet (fried smashed chicken) and more – there's something else interesting about Penyet Town. How they'd apply the cooking style of penyet to items like chicken wings, steak, prawns, squid and even eggplant! Plus, every dish comes with a side of fried bean curd, soybeans, belachan chilli and raw vegetables as well in case things get a little too spicy. The best part? They're affordable, delicious and authentic.



Friday: Encik Tan (#01-31A)

 [ Source Credit: Encik Tan ]


Congratulations, you’ve made it to Friday! But before you head off into the weekends, why not treat yourself to some healthier lunch options at Encik Tan? The halal-certified joint operates almost like a food court, with a variety of Chinese, Malay and Indian cuisines at pocket-friendly prices, which makes it worth a visit especially if you’re going to be splurging over the weekend.


Healthier options like their Mini Wok Noodles or Fried Fish Soup are comforting options. But if you’re craving for something heartier, Encik Tan has them as well, with dishes like Fried Hokkien Mee, Chicken Cutlet Set, Sambal Sotong Set, Wanton Noodles and many more. With such an extensive menu, you’ll have enough to go on for a couple of Fridays – so thank you, Encik Tan!



Living in a melting pot of culinary flavours like Singapore truly has its perks – with food stalls, markets and restaurants that house authentic dishes from all over the world at our fingertips. But ultimately, what makes a good meal lies in its ability to put a smile on the faces of those eating it. After all, if food can bring people together, imagine what good food can do. Has lunch this week at Junction 10 put a smile on your face? Share them with us by tagging @junction10sg and @shopfareast on Instagram today – and we might feature your meal on our page. Bon appétit!

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