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Shi Li Fang is a hotpot restaurant chain that offers a wide spread of food choices at affordable prices. Adding practicality to affordability, Shi Li Fang even offers one-person hotpot sets, allowing convenient dine alone experiences for individuals who wish to get a quick meal and satisfy a hotpot craving. Shi Li Fang features 9 soup bases: Ravishing Tomato Soup, Specialty Mala Soup, Tonic Chicken Soup, Beauty Collagen Chicken, Nourishing Fish, Tasty Pickled Vegetables, Vegetarian, Japanese-style Pork Bone and Tasty Mushroom Soup. The delicious soups are accompanied by a selection of meats and 20 different types of dipping sauces and garnishes. To date, the hotpot restaurant chain has 15 outlets across Singapore.If you’re interested in a steamboat experience that is both affordable and unique, come by Shi Li Fang and create a taste that scores with your taste buds!