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“5 Quick & Tasty Lunch Spots Near You”

[ Source Credit: Group Therapy ]


What’s for lunch?” is probably the most commonly asked question at work. Which is an irony, considering how Singapore is known for its diverse and colourful food scene. Still, it can sometimes be a struggle to think of lunch options day in and out. Especially when you only have an hour, when everywhere is packed with massive crowds, and when the paradox of choice falls upon you. Yes, too many options can be challenging too!


In such cases, it might seem easier to skip lunch and stay in office. When that happens, remind yourself that lunch is the second most important meal after breakfast! Not only will it keep your metabolism active and give you energy for the rest of your afternoon, but it’s also a good time for you to rest your eyes, stretch your legs, socialise and take your mind off work. So get on your feet – it’s time to eat!


Whether it's a hearty sandwich, comforting noodles or a fresh bowl of salad you seek, we've compiled recommendations at Katong V for every day of the workweek so you and your colleagues can fuss less and focus more on enjoying lunch hour to its fullest. Ready for our top picks? Let's start.



Monday: Group Therapy (#01-11)

[ Source Credit: GrabFood ]


Beat the case of Monday blues with Group Therapy, a café that first started as an event space in a shophouse on Duxton Road. Since then, they’ve become synonymous with Singapore’s brunch scene. Popular breakfast items like their Pancake Stack, Big Plate, Poached Eggs Salmon, Croque Madame, bagels, coffee and more have been happily savoured by foodies all day and night – check them out on Instagram and you’ll know what we mean!


Set in the welcoming ambience of Katong V, Group Therapy feels both spacious and homely at the same time. It’s delightful ambience, cosy seating and the smell of fresh brew in the air makes it a relaxing spot to enjoy peaceful lunches, hold casual meetings or celebrate occasions. Plus, they even have a wide selection of desserts for those with a sweet tooth. What better way to do Mondays than with some food therapy?


Tuesday: Tomi Sushi (#02-14)

[ Source Credit: Tomi Sushi ]


Did you know? Tomi Sushi dated back to the 1950s in Niigata and started its first restaurant outside of Japan here in Singapore, at Parco Marina Bay in 2010! A 10-year success that is attributed to their highly prized Koshihikari rice – which is said to be grown with water from melting mountain ice caps.


Despite its name, Tomi Sushi offers much more than just sushi. The restaurant serves items like sashimi, grilled fish, hot pots, tempura, soba, udon and more – and even has set meals from time to time, so be sure to look out for them when you head down. To make the experience akin to small restaurants in Japan, Tomi Sushi features various seating arrangements. Want to see their sushi chef in action? Grab a seat by the counter. Enjoying lunch with your teammates? Settle into their booth seats. Want a bigger area to host private lunches or casual business meetings? Make a reservation for their private party room!


Wednesday: Delhi 6 (#01-12)

[ Source Credit: Delhi 6 ]


Whether you’re looking for a quick and simple meal or an elaborate feast, Delhi 6 will be suitable. The establishment offers the many flavours of India's North-West Frontier Province – which interestingly, was named that way during the Colonial Period of Undivided India under the British Rule!


The dishes served here are rustic, robust, and come with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. While it has an extensive menu, Delhi 6 specialises in all-things tandoori as well – where chunks of meat, seafood and vegetables are marinated and cooked in the tandoor at high temperatures. This is a method to retain its tenderness, so if you’re a fan of tandoori, garlic, onion, chilli and the likes, spice things up with Delhi 6. Wednesday’s lunch might come with a food coma – but it’ll be worth your while.


Thursday: Yun Ga Traditional Korean Restaurant (#03-12)

[ Source Credit: Yun Ga Traditional Korean Restaurant ]


As you ease into Thursday and prepare for the coming weekend of (even more) good food, it might be wise to have something a little more balanced for lunch – and by that, we mean a healthy amount of Korean vegetables paired with grilled meats at Yun Ga!


The establishment is part of the Ju Shin Jung Korean Restaurant Group and is popular amongst locals and Korean expatriates, for a good reason. While their speciality lies in Korean BBQ, their menu also has an array of dishes from traditional soups and pancakes to bibimbap and more. Plus, the restaurant has a large dining area, making it suitable for gatherings of all sizes and occasions.



Friday: Bread & Hearth (#02-27)

[ Source Credit: Bread & Hearth ]


Congratulations, you’ve made it to Friday! But before you head off into the weekends, why not cleanse your palate and treat your body to a healthy and nutritious avocado toast at Bread & Hearth? With eggs, smoked salmon and mesclun salad, it’s not just nourishing, but satisfying. Need a little extra? Add on more protein like shredded chicken or go vegetarian with a portobello mushroom.


While its space does not feature an actual hearth, it does offer more than just salads. Looking to grab and go? Try their speciality sandwiches like the Jambon Fromage ($8.50) or Tuna Sandwich ($7.50). Want a juicy burger or comforting pasta or craving for sweet treats and snacks? Bread & Hearth has you covered. They say good food can put one in a good mood. So settle in one of their many seats at this spacious café on level two and let the smell of fresh coffee and pastries ready you for an exciting weekend.


Weekends: East Manhattan (#01-40)

[ Source Credit: East Manhattan ]


It’s no secret by now that Katong V is full of good food, so we won’t be surprised if you made another trip back. That’s why we’ve prepared an extra bonus for you at East Manhattan. The bakery is inspired by the Manhattan lifestyle – lively and welcoming. Known for their breads, pastries and numerous interesting desserts, every item has been prepared with love and dedication. If you have a sweet tooth, why not takeaway a slice or two right here at East Manhattan and share it with your loved ones.



Living in a melting pot of culinary flavours like Singapore truly has its perks – with food stalls, markets and restaurants that house authentic dishes from all over the world at our fingertips. But ultimately, what makes a good meal lies in its ability to put a smile on the faces of those eating it. After all, if food can bring people together, imagine what good food can do. Has lunch this week at Katong V put a smile on your face? Share them with us by tagging @shopfareast on Instagram today – and we might feature your meal on our page. Bon appétit!