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“4 Exciting Types of Enrichment Activities for Kids to Explore”


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Parents around the world will agree on this. We only want the best for our kids! A happy childhood, good education, and all the fun they can have along the way. Whether they become future Picassos, Serena Williams, Gordon Ramsays or Sheryl Sandbergs is beside the point. As a parent in Singapore, however, you may be feeling the pressure to enrol your child in classes specific to academia for better school grades. While that’s important, it’s worth taking note too, that learning stretches beyond classrooms – and is best developed when kids are engaged in interactive, fun and meaningful experiences!


Where to begin searching for enrichment classes as such? Look no further than Katong V. From sports to coding, music and more, we’ve put together a list to help your children hone new skills and discover hidden talents in safe, friendly and exciting environments. The best part? Parents can always continue shopping, dining and relaxing after dropping the kids off – which becomes a win-win for everyone in the family.



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Sports build resilience, teamwork, trust and confidence. But it’s also an encouraging way for young minds to take a break from their textbooks and release whatever pent-up energy they have. Whether it’s recreational or competitive sports that your child enjoys, enrolling them in one will surely impart lessons and values that stay with them for life.


Here at Katong V, parents can check out Olympic Taekwondo Academy (#03-17) if their child is keen on picking up some new moves. Every program is led by an experienced Korean instructor to help your child develop physical and mental strength, flexibility and stamina to the best of their capabilities.



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As Bill Gates once said, learning to write programs can stretch your mind, help you think better, and create a way of thinking about things that is helpful in all domains and aspects of life. The idea of kids coding may seem like a foreign concept to many, but today, it’s an advantage. After all, we’re living in a digital world with smart tools powered by ever-changing technology. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to understand the science and logic behind why and how they work?


The Lab (#03-15) seeks to achieve that by empowering students ages five [VWB2]and above with computational thinking skills through exploratory play, knowledge in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) via multiple award-winning educational robots, and much more. All of which will help to train your child to become more systematic and analytical in the way that they approach future problems.



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We all enjoy music in one form or another. Some listen to it; some sing it out loud; while others are keen on playing instruments. It’s a way of self-expression, and an important one at that, for music has the power to develop a child’s cognitive skills, enhance rhythm and be a great mood-booster! After all, there are over 40 genres of music and more than 1,000 instruments in the world – imagine the tunes one can come up with that!


At Katong V, Kindermusik (#03-22) aims to enrich the lives of little ones with the most carefully researched, developmentally based music program for any age up to 7 years old. With classes like ‘Shake, Rattle & Roll’, ‘Wiggle & Giggle’, ‘Love, Laugh & Learn’ and ‘Take Note’, these classes will help fill the days of your children with feel-good music and melodious notes all around.



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Kids who are strong in reading and writing tend to perform better in school, and later in life. That’s because the ability to do so is tied to everything in life. To help your child develop and boost their literacy skills, it’s important to seek out programmes that include interactive elements, so your child remains engaged.


Dr Ruth at 5W1H WRITING STRATEGY BY ASKRUTH (#03-19) has spent over 20 years perfecting a methodology that equips students with the skills, knowledge and framework to excel and become great writers. Students of hers advance in four aspects over time: content, creativity, coherence and elaboration of writing performance. And it's all thanks to programmes in comprehension, editing, as well as narrative, situational and argumentative writing skills.



The skills learnt from enrichment activities may help kids embrace their inner athlete, programmer, musician and more. But more importantly, it’ll teach them to be expressive and confident of themselves daily in their unique way. Beyond these classes, you can even get your child to show you whatever they’ve learnt as a way to bond together as a family.


Tell us, what are some enrichment classes from Katong V you have in mind? Share snippets of your child’s journey with us on Instagram at @shopfareast today!