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At Oodles Learning, we conduct quality and proven programmes by onSponge - the developer and propriety owner of the renowned thinkingMath programme with workbooks used in more than 100 local schools. Our programme is available from Primary 2 to Secondary 4.


  1. ThinkingMath programme focuses on a 3-prong approach to enhance student’s problem solving skills - Comprehension of the math language and express them into mathematical representation - Presentation of the solutions clearly to gain method marks - Application of effective strategies to perform under tight exam conditions.

  2. EnglishRocks programme comprises of 2 core building block – Composition Writing and Comprehension & Grammar. The programme adopts a knowledge cum skill-led approach to achieve the goal of developing competency in the language and critical thinking skills.

  3. PaceUP programme comprises of learning notes, topical drills, review and school exam practice papers to equip students with the right skills and increase their appreciation for algebraic computation.