Your Guide To A Romantic Night Out

“It’s A Date: Your Guide to A Fun, Romantic & Unique Night Out”

[ Source Credit: Mess Hall ]


It can be challenging to pull off dates in a time where social distancing has put a stronghold on the way we interact. Newly minted couples were unable to meet, while those who live together were busy working from home. If you’re searching for relaxing and quieter places to visit on your next date and planning your outfits, you’re not alone. After all, going out on dates will give you and your partner a reason to get dressed up – you’ll be surprised at how much your mood improves when donning a nice outfit! Plus, dates are a great way to bond and strengthen your relationship with each other.


Whether you’re looking to make a memorable first impression, hoping to score a second date or searching for new ways to keep the spark alive – you’ve come to the right place. Where to go? What to do? What to eat? Check out the list below for some exciting, romantic, and unique date ideas we’ve rounded up for you on Sentosa Island. Whatever you and your partner are into, there’s something catered for all walks of life.


1) Looking for experiential dining?

[ Source Credit: Hidemasa by Hide Yamamoto ]


If you’re looking for something unconventional or out of the ordinary – look no further than Hide by Hide Yamamoto and Masa by Hide Yamamoto (#01-05) at Mess Hall. Created by Hide Yamamoto, the restaurant is where you can experience two authentic, multi-disciplinary concepts housed under one roof. First up, Hide by Hide Yamamoto. A casual dining concept that allows you and your partner to sit by the Teppanyaki counter and watch the chefs perform right in front of your eyes. Listen to the sizzling meats on the grill, feel the heat of the warm flames, smell the delicious aromas in the air, and taste a burst of flavours with every bite.


The second concept, Masa by Hide Yamamoto, presents the art of delicate culinary expression through their omakase course. Think fresh, seasonal ingredients that are shipped directly from Japan, on your plate. Whether it’s Hide or Masa by Hide Yamamoto that you have an appetite for, one thing’s for sure: every dish is well-presented to make every shot you snap IG-worthy!


2) Craving for exotic flavours?

[ Source Credit: Royal Taj ]


Couples looking to spice up mealtimes should give Royal Taj (#02-07) at Mess Hall a try. The restaurant highlights modern Indian cuisine by complementing the many flavours and traditions of India with global ingredients and techniques! With numerous options that span across the many states of India, you will be spoiled for choice. From vegetarian curries to non-vegetarian dishes like their signature kebabs, Butter Chicken, Mutton Rogan Josh and more – there’s something for every tastebud. Plus, they even have a special menu for our fellow Jains! With beautiful paintings, warm lights, and plush, cosy seats in a deep, royal blue to welcome you and your partner – an elevated fine-dining experience awaits you at Royal Taj.


3) Wishing for a Parisian getaway?

[ Source Credit: Le Faubourg ]


You and your partner may not be able to travel to Paris now, so let Le Faubourg (#01-02) at Mess Hall bring it to you! The restaurant is an ode to the Parisian way of life and aims to bring a little of the city of lights to Singapore with its cosy and elegant interiors. Think black and white tiles, wood parquet, and a fireplace – the embodiment of a Parisian flat. Which means an opportunity to explore the classics of French cuisine in a homely environment – just imagine the photos!


Choose to sit outside under their arcade to enjoy fresh air while you savour breakfast favourites or light bites – or settle in their dining hall for heavier courses and desserts. And while you’re at it, be sure to give their coffee a go! France after all, is famous for sitting under a café terrace while sipping on a latte and people watching!


4) Searching for romantic retreat?

[ Source Credit: Quentin’s Bar & Restaurant ]


If the path to a lover’s heart is through their stomach, you may want to start your date with a meal at Quentin’s Bar & Restaurant (#01-08) at Mess Hall. The semi-fine dining concept takes pride in serving Eurasian favourites that are passed down from generations and updated to introduce new and unique flavours! Savour popular dishes such as their Signature Curry Debal (chicken or oxtail), Baked Pesce Kertuok (baked red snapper in a unique herb blend), or munch on sides and desserts like their Wagyu Potato Fritters, Sugee Cake, Kueh Salat and more!


5) Bonus to-dos at Sentosa

[ Source Credit: The Barracks Hotel ]


Done with lunch at Mess Hall? Head on outside for a romantic stroll along the beautifully preserved colonial-style property! The area is lined with huge palm trees, well-kept gardens, and open skies that will keep you and your partner feeling tucked away from the hustles and bustles of city life. And as if the beautiful architecture and delicious food aren’t enough, Mess Hall is also surrounded by heritage trees under conservation and a lovely outdoor Heritage Courtyard. Get your drinks to go, pick a spot, and snap some photos for the gram before moving on!


What’s next? Well, since you’ve made your way here to Sentosa, why not invest in a staycation at The Barracks Hotel Sentosa? Not only will you get to enjoy luxurious and peaceful rooms and suites, but there are numerous activities exclusive to guests as well. Upon check-in, collect your map and scan the QR code to go on a self-guided audio Barracks Heritage Tour around the hotel precinct!


Couples who like the sun, sand, and sea can also opt for takeaway meals from the above restaurants and establishments at Mess Hall. Take a stroll with your packed bentos, pick a comfortable spot, and enjoy a moon-lit dinner with your date by the beach. With the sound of waves and evening sunsets to accompany you both, we’d count that as a date well done.


Ultimately, love is an adventure. Whether you go on good dates or out-of-this-world dates depends on how much you can keep your mind and heart open to trying or exploring new things.


With so many experiences here at Mess Hall for you and your partner to discover, be sure to check out the place and see how else you can plan your next date. Don’t forget to share your moments with us on Instagram at @shopfareast!


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