TILL 30 September 2020

Shopping with Perks

Shopping now comes with its own perks!


Enjoy daily 2-hours free parking on us with minimum $20 spend.

Terms & Conditions
  • 1. Valid for the first 100 redemptions daily.
    2. Promotion is not valid in conjunction with any other promotions, including shopFarEast Rewards 2-hours free parking redemption.
    3. Prevailing parking charges is applicable to hours outside of the free parking hours, and the parking rates are inclusive of GST. Click here to view our parking rates.
    4. Please note that there is double charge if your vehicle is parked across two time slots. 
    5. Cash card Top-Up stations are available at Level 5A, 5C, 7A, 9, 10 and 10C.

    Other Terms & Conditions:
    1. Shopper must be a shopFarEast Rewards Programme member to participate in the promotion. By agreeing to participate in this promotion, you will be registered as a shopFarEast Rewards Programme member.
    2. All redemptions must be made on the same day at the Concierge Counter on Level 1 from 11am to 8pm.
    3. Car park coupon is only valid on the date itself.
    4. Shopper is entitled to 1 redemption per day, regardless of the total amount spent.
    5. The subsequent car park charges will be according to the first block charges after the first 2 hours of parking coupon is being used.
    6. Only the nett amount stated on the original Receipt (exclusive of discounts, usage of vouchers and/or redemption of points) will be accepted for redemptions. 
    7. Only a minimum nett spending of $20 in a single receipt will be eligible for shopFarEast points.
    8. shopFarEast Rewards Programme terms and conditions shall also apply and shall be binding on the shopper. Visit www.shopfareast.com.sg for details. 
    9. Original Receipt(s) can be used only once; same Receipt(s) will not be accepted for any other redemptions.
    10. Receipts for the following purchases of goods or services are not applicable for redemption: 
    i. money currency exchange at a money changer, bank, automatic teller machine or financial service institution;
    ii. utilization of tenant vouchers, retailer vouchers and/or Malls vouchers;
    iii. utilization of tenant stored value cards/tenant vouchers/tenant gift certificates;
    iv. cashcard top-up receipts;
    v. AXS/SAM/POPStation payments and bill payments;
    vi. online purchases or any online spend (except for purchases made via the ShopFarEast Mobile Application);
    vii. Any purchases or spend made at pushcart and atrium events (by non-mall retailers); 
    viii. Any purchases or any spend where the payment is made with cheque(s); and/or
    ix. Goods and/or services from a non-profit organisation or financial institution (including but not limited to banks and government institutions); and payment(s) made at offices, duplicated receipts, NETS/debit/credit card transaction/charge slips.
    11. Shopper must be personally present with his or her own original receipt(s) for redemption. 
    12. Original Receipts (as defined in the shopFarEast Rewards Programme terms and conditions) which have been used or presented over the Concierge Counter on Level 1 of Orchard Central for redemption purposes, will not be accepted for redemption purposes or for any other purposes via the ShopFarEast Mobile Application. 
    13. Splitting of receipts from a single shop/outlet/store is not allowed. The Management reserves the right to turn down any redemption if such an act has been committed.
    14. The Management also reserves the right to see the bank charge/debit/NETS slip(s) in relation to the purchase, which must correspond to the name stated on the credit/debit card(s). 
    15. By participating in this promotion or by making any redemption for any redemption item, the shopper agrees that all information submitted or provided by the shopper may be collected, use and/or disclosed for, conducting market or consumer research and improving customer service (e.g conducting market or consumer research or surveys; and/or managing and enhancing the products and services of the Far East Organization stable of companies).
    16. The Management’s decision on any matter relating to this Promotion shall be final and no correspondence will be entertained. 
    17. The Management reserves the right to amend or change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. 
    18. Other terms and conditions may apply as may be determined by Management at its absolute discretion.  
    19. All information is correct at time of print and is subject to change without prior notice.