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“How to Live Healthier Easily, Even When You’re Super Busy”

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A Straits Times article in 2019 has shown that Singapore ranked second highest for work intensity, which considers factors such as vacation days taken, paid maternal and parental leave, and the share of full-time employees working more than 48 hours per working week. While it’s no secret that many in Singapore work long hours, the bigger question is if we’re able to achieve better work-life balance on our own.


After all, studies worldwide have shown that having work-life balance can not only help a company increase productivity but also employee happiness as well! Just think about the number of times you’ve consumed caffeine, drank enough water, or lacked sleep in the last month. And we often wonder why we feel tired, heavy, sluggish, and dehydrated! Did you know that the symptoms of burnout include feelings of constant exhaustion, negativity, dread, and pessimism? That’s because we’re not giving our body enough of the rest, nutrition and exercise it needs!


Good news is, the power to break out of this cycle lies in your hands. Yes, you! We’ve put together a list of tips on how you can, little by little – embark on a healthier lifestyle here at Pacific Plaza, even when work and life gets busy.


1) Make time for a light meal

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As noon approaches and you begin thinking of lunch, it can be tempting to opt for instant meals to wolf down quickly or overly rich meals that might land you in a food coma. How about striking a balance between both? Remember, food is what gives you energy. The question you should be asking is what type of energy you’re getting from your meal – which can be healthy or not so healthy.


For lighter meal options here at Pacific Plaza, we recommend checking out Kam’s Roast (#01-04) for their immune-boosting herbal soup, which is tasty, nourishing and has a pocket-friendly price of just $6.80! You can also check out Starbucks (#01-13) for their range of snacks, like quinoa and salad bowls, Greek yoghurt, fruit cups, or healthy wraps! Plus, it’s a convenient spot to get you the water you need to stay hydrated throughout the day – because remember, water is what aids digestion, absorption, circulation, the maintenance of our body temperature and more. While Starbucks has an extensive menu, try opting for something refreshing or thirst-quenching – like their Iced Shaken Teas from their Teavana series.


2) Invest in shoes that are good to your feet

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It’s time to show some love to our feet. After all, we’re on them all day long, so why not put on some quality shoes to assist your posture? Pop over to adidas Originals (#01-09) for a visit. Not only are their designs innovative, comfortable, and trendy-looking, the sportswear brand has also garnered many positive reviews about its Ultraboost 20! It’s said to have a soft, sock-like fit and superior cushioning that will make you forget they’re on your feet. Sounds like comfort you need? Head on down to try them out today!


3) Workout with your colleagues

[ Source Credit: TFX ]


Another great way to start living healthy is to inject exercise into your life, of course. But with work taking up so much time, where do you even begin? We suggest getting your colleagues in on this regime so you can be fitness accountability partners to each other. This way, it’d be easier to keep each other on track, check in when the clock hits 6:30pm, and urge each other to change out of office wear and into workout clothes.


Convinced your office buddies to become workout kakis? Great. Now head on over to TFX (#04-01), your fitness playground in the heart of town. Did you know that the establishment spans two entire levels with level 4 offering a wide range of yoga classes? On level 5, the area comprises of their state-of-the-art fitness equipment from top brands such as Ziva, Matrix, Life Fitness, and Rogue, a boxing zone and even curated group workouts! The space opens from as early as 7am and closes at 10pm from Mondays to Fridays, which makes it convenient for you and your colleagues to swing by before or after work! On Saturdays and public holidays, TFX is open from 8am to 8pm, and on Sundays, 8am to 7pm.


4) Cool down to power up

[ Source Credit: Absolute Zero ]


Cryotherapy is a technique that uses extremely cold liquid nitrogen, as low as -300°F, in medical and clinical treatments to combat several aspects of health – from anti-ageing to muscle and joint repair, weight loss and more. Here at Pacific Plaza, Absolute Zero (#03-15) is Asia’s first and only Whole Body Cryotherapy chain and an exclusive distributor of the most advanced Whole Body Cryotherapy Chambers in the Asia Pacific!


For instance, if you’re troubled with chronic inflammation issues, Local Cryotherapy is said to have immediate effects and benefits! Quite simply, the cold temperatures will trigger your body to release anti-inflammatories to be released throughout your blood – which will then find and soothe the affected areas. Even professional athletes have discovered Whole Body Cryotherapy as a powerful treatment to decrease recovery time and increase athletic performance! If you have any trouble areas that you’d like to heal, why not head on down for a consultation?


Some say health is wealth, and we cannot agree more. While work is important and essential in sustaining our lives and lifestyles, you should never place the priority of your health beneath it. Because ultimately, we only have one life. What use would it be if we’re not in good shape or have a healthy state of mind to enjoy all the beautiful things life has in store for us?


Now that you’re up to date with these tips of ours, we hope that you feel inspired to live healthier the next time you swing by Pacific Plaza. If you’ve enjoyed these ideas, be sure to share them with your family, friends and colleagues and tag your next healthy meal or activity at Pacific Plaza on Instagram at @pacificplazasg so we can share the love and motivate others.

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