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“You Won’t Need A Passport for This Trip to Japan!”


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Japan is known for its service and quality. From fresh foods and drinks to well-made products that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, it’s no wonder many in Singapore fancy dining, shopping and experiencing Japan. Well, what if we told you of a place you can travel to for all-things Japanese, without the need for a passport or plane ticket? Check out this weekend’s travel itinerary for sugoi, kawaii and oishii experiences in none other than Square 2. Granted, it’s not nearly the same without cherry blossoms falling around you – but hey, wanderlust can be real, and we need our fix. Get ready and put on some comforting shoes. It’s time for a little exploring around Square 2. Let’s go!


12pm –1pm: Ramen Lunch at Kajiken (#02-01)

[ Source Credit: Kajiken ]


Can you say that you’ve been to Japan if you haven’t had mouth-watering mazesoba? For the uninitiated, mazesoba is simply dry Japanese ramen where ‘maze’ means to mix, and ‘soba’ means noodles. Here at Kajiken, we recommend starting your weekend with their signature bowl, Mazesoba Nagoya Style. Mix it well in the first 20 seconds (that’s the rule!) with the spicy minced pork, soft boiled egg, some seafood and chopped vegetables – and you’ll get a fragrant bowl of noodles. No wonder it’s garnered over 2,000 tagged posts on Instagram!


1pm – 2pm: Sweet Treats at Belle Ville (#01-154)

[ Source Credit: Belle Ville ]


Next stop: Osaka. Did you know that Belle Ville’s first overseas outpost is here in Singapore? The famous pancake café is known for its mille-feuille pancakes, French for thousand layers. It comes with homemade whipped Hokkaido cream and is stacked from as little as 2 layers to 8 layers for those who intend to have this as their main meal. If you pop by this gram-worthy space, don’t forget to whip out your phone for the equally gram-worthy pancakes. And don’t be surprised at others attempting the famous pancake-wobble boomerang!


2pm – 5pm: Shop the Likes of Shinjuku

[ Source Credit: Daiso ]


Now it’s time to walk off that food coma you might be in with some shopping. Start your way from level one with Blum & Co (#01-140) for quality fabrics, clothes and accessories from Japan and the world, then head on over to the famous $2 mega store, Daiso (#02-24), for any unique stationery or essentials. And finally, move on up to Japan Home (#04-09) to check on the latest household products they have in store for your home or office!


5pm – 6pm: Get Kawaii at Bling Bling Nails (#B1-96)

[ Source Credit: Element5 Digital ]


It’s no secret that nail artisans are some of the most skilled artists in the world. They see each nail as a canvas and paint lovely wonders on them with extreme precision! If you’re looking to transform your nails, look no further than Bling Bling Nails (#B1-96). Whether it’s rhinestone, glitter, holographic or Japanese-inspired nail art that you’re looking for, their detailed and highly skilled technicians will have you covered.


6pm – 7pm: Freshen Up with A Japanese Haircut

[ Source Credit: Beauty Insider ]


What better way to up your #selfie game than with a fresh new haircut? Ladies, you can head on over to Crème Hairdressing (#01-64) if you’re looking for Japanese texture cuts, creative perms or even dreadlocks. The salon offers a comprehensive range of offerings and is serviced by a team of trendy individuals who will guarantee you leave looking and feeling more confident than before. For guys looking to get a fuss-free trim or shave, swing on by to QB House (#B1-114). Known as Japan’s pioneers for quick cuts since 1995, QB House has made its name for giving their customers fresh haircuts and styles in 10 minutes – saving them a lot of time!


7pm – 8pm: Dine, Unwind & Kanpai at Hokkaido Fish Market (#04-74)

[ Source Credit: Hokkaido Fish Market]


How to tell if you’ve had a great day out? Two sore feet, and one hungry tummy. Well, every authentic Japanese experience needs to end with dinner and drinks – so check yourselves into Hokkaido Fish Market on Level 4 and dive into their fresh sushi, sashimi or bento sets. Be sure to give the mouth-watering dishes such as Ginadara Teriyaki and Ugani Sashimi Set a go!


8pm – 10pm: Bag Next Week’s Essentials at DON DON DONKI (#B1-01)

[ Source Credit: DON DON DONKI ]


Here’s the last, must-visit on this weekend’s itinerary: a trip into the world of DON DON DONKI (#B1-01) for a quintessentially Japanese adventure. While the outlet has seven branches in Singapore, it’s worth noting that the branch in Square 2 is purely a food supermarket. That means no lifestyle products, electronics or toys, but a wider range of sweets, snacks, fruits and ready-to-eat dishes – like their Hojicha latte pictured above! Be sure to bring a bigger bag along with you just in case! And while you’re there, try spotting these uniquely-Donki items and see what you think of them: 1) Transparent Suntory Orange-Flavoured Water, and the 2) Pink Kezo Sake Jellyshot Drink. Tag us if you find it!


It's easy to escape the ordinary and check 'Japan' off your travel list this year with all these experiences rolled up in one spot: Square 2. From food to desserts, shopping to beauty and more, there's something for everyone to enjoy. The best part of all? It's just a bus or train ride away. Who will you be taking along with you on this mini adventure? We'd love to see what you get up to, so be sure to tag your holiday pictures on Instagram at @square2sg and @shopfareast!


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