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6 Ways to Make the Most of Your Time at Woods Square


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The latest hangout spot and the newest kid on the block, Woods Square, is nestled conveniently near Woodlands, Woodlands South and Woodland North MRT stations, and Woodlands bus interchange. Whether you’re in need of some fresh air and a dose of sunlight or you’re just looking to have a chill time surrounded by lush foliage; it is a great spot for you to enjoy some me-time over a cuppa or bond with your family and friends over a good meal.


Here are 6 ways you can make the most out of your time at Woods Square today:

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  1. Kick Back With A Cuppa


    Connect over coffee and enjoy a sip of traditional brew from Fun Toast (#B2- 11), which serves a host of local delights and Singapore’s signature ubiquitous traditional breakfast -  kaya butter toast. Or discover an array of aromatic flavours at Sowl Coffee (#01-05), a specialty coffee shop that brews from beans from all over the world. Watch out for seasonal coffee that comes in depending on the changing coffee harvests and seasons!


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  2. Let’s Bond Over Food


    Nothing beats catching up with your old (or new) friends over a nice meal. Dine with a view at our food establishments that offer alfresco options – Take your pick between Andes by Astons, Chic-A-Boo Chicken Specialty^ or East Treasure Chinese Restaurant^.


    If you are in the mood for some drinks or sharing some snacks, you can head over to Tipsy Panda^ or O/T Bar^ for some tapas or shared platters.

    [Source Credit: Pho Street, Sanook Kitchen]

  3. Delight in International Cuisine


    Your leisure travel plans may be on hold, but you can bring your taste buds for a world tour at Woods Square! Explore and enjoy new flavours with the array of international cuisines available.


    Asian food lovers can head straight to Pho Street (#B2-07) for a hearty bowl of Vietnamese pho or their selection of affordable banh mi; or opt for all things Thai at Sanook Kitchen (#B2-08) – Curries, mango salad, fish cakes and more.


    Have a taste of Japan in a wholesome bowl of handmade noodles in thick broth at Takagi Ramen (#01-04). Known for its affordable pricing and delicious ramen, Takagi Ramen would give you a bang for your buck, 24-hours around the clock.


    If you’re a hotpot fan like many Singaporeans, Jin Li Steamboat Buffet^ (#B2-04) is the place to be! Challenge your taste buds to the spicy and numbing mala soup base or treat yourself to your favourite soup base with a wide variety of meat and vegetable dishes.


    Transport yourself to Indonesia with Ayam Penyet Ria (#B2-03) and Warong Timbel^ (#B2-20) to get a taste of authentic Indonesian food. Known for their signature smashed fried chicken, Ayam Penyet Ria has been satisfying Singaporeans since 2004. Prepared with fresh ingredients and a secret blend of traditional herbs, Ayam Penyet Ria will hit the spot for some tasty wallet-friendly fare!


    Famous for their nasi ambeng, Warong Timbel^ is the perfect pick for any office or a home party. Nasi ambeng is an Indonesian fragrant rice dish that consists of steamed white rice and delicious side dishes – Rendang, sambal goreng, bagedil and many more.

    [Source Credit: Milksha, Ji De Chi]


  4. Savour a Sweet Treat


    What better way to round up your visit than with something sweet? Milksha (#B2-10), with their delicious and fresh handcrafted bubble teas lets you enjoy chewy pearls with your favourite drinks. Those headed to a celebration (or who are just having a party of one), should swing by Swee Heng 1989 Classic (#B2-09) for delicious baked goods like fluffy buns and traditional cakes. Those seeking Hong Kong style desserts, warm or iced (or a waffle treat!) should give Ji De Chi (#B2-06) a try.

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  5. Wander Around and Explore Nature


    Enjoy the tranquility and immerse in nature as you take a stroll around Woods Square. With its greenery and open spaces, take a moment to meditate and immerse in some me-time.


    Keep a look out for the sculptures by local artist Jahan Loh (@jahan_) and snap an out-of-this world shot or two with the intergalactic sculptures for keepsakes or for your Instagram feed. Remember to tag us on your socials @shopfareast!


    If you need a quick bite or a thirst quencher, you can head over to 7-Eleven (#01-03)! Other services at Woods Square include: Haircut & style with QB HOUSE Premium (#B2-13), Dental essentials with Q & M (#B2-15), optician services at Glance^ (#B2-16) and Holistic Solutions with Eu Yan Sang TCM Clinic (#B2-18).

    [Source Credit: Superland Pre-School]


  6. Drop your Kids at Preschool and Daycare


Make drop off time in the morning easier with Superland Pre-School (#02-17). Superland Pre-School takes children from two months to six years old and provides a mix of half- and full-day programmes using an integrated Montessori based curriculum. Busy moms and dads can drop their little ones off on the way to the office or when they nip out to run errands at the mall.


Located in the heart of Woodlands Regional Centre and office hub, coupled with its dining and services offerings; Woods Square is the place for you to work, live and play. To get the most out of your visit, download the shopFarEast app here to discover more deals at Woods Square and other Far East Malls.


^ Outlets are coming soon.

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